PowerVR (PVR) textures are the most common format for compressed textures on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. While tools like PVRTexTool are fantastic for creating PVR textures, viewing and browsing through them can be quite a pain.

We decided to leverage the OSX Quicklook Plugin interface to add native support for PVR in Mac OS.

Once the plugin is installed, simply select one or more PVR files and press the space bar to launch Quicklook and instantly view the texture.

If you have any questions or problems with QuickPVR, please let us know.


QuickPVR (29KB .ZIP)

To install, place the quickpvr.qlgenerator file in your /Library/Quicklook folder.

Open Source

QuickPVR is an open-source project we have released under the BSD license. You can download and contribute to the project on GitHub.